Monday, 18 May 2015

Six Years In the Making

I’ve done it. After six year’s of submitting, rewriting, resubmitting, and getting critiques from short story friends, I’ve finally sold a story I was convinced was publishable. I’d even entered it into competitions, where it had been shortlisted, and even highly commended a couple of times, but all of the fiction magazines had rejected it. Until last week.

The irony is the magazine that has accepted it rejected it back in 2009. But, of course, the version they’ve accepted is different to the version they saw back then. Every time I resubmit a story I review it, edit it and rewrite it slightly, so the version this magazine has bought could, technically, be classified as version 18.

But it just goes to show that you should never give up. The fact that the story was highly commended in a couple of competitions, and some (regularly published short story) writer friends commented that it was a publishable story, gave me the confidence that the story wasn’t complete cack! But finding the right market isn’t always easy, especially with fiction, because you don’t always know exactly what the editor is looking for.

Of course, what’ll be interesting to see now is whether the editor makes any changes when it is published.

So if you have an idea that you think works well, have conviction in your creativity. Keep developing the idea and reworking it. Never give up, because you don’t know when success is just round the corner.

Good luck.


  1. Can I send this to my writers' group Simon - it's so encouraging!

  2. I had faith in one of my stories and never gave up on it. After countless submissions and thirty years it finally sold. Never give up.