Monday, 11 May 2015

It's Criminal

It all started with a burglary. Or rather, an attempted burglary. There’s a property down my road that is empty since the owner died, and it’s been on the market for a couple of weeks. The other day a young policeman knocked on the door. (I now I’m getting older, because the policeman are getting younger. In fact, one elderly neighbour called him a police cadet!) 

Anyway, the policeman informed me that there’d been an attempted break in at the empty property, and he wanted to know if I’d seen any people hanging around, or taking a particular interest in it. (The temptation to remind him that the house was on the market, and therefore there were lots of people driving along the road, and slowing down as they passed by, because that’s what happens when a property is for sale, was great.)

Of course, being a writer, this got me thinking, and so far, it has generated three projects:

1) a short story about some prospective house hunters,
2) an article for a financial institution magazine about extra security tips when selling a property,
3) an article about the history of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

And I don’t doubt that it will stop there. 

There’s no reason why any writer should be stuck for ideas. Just look outside your window. There are loads out there. You could say it would be criminal not to do anything with them.

Good luck.


  1. A very useful guideline for aspiring writers.

  2. Good tips Simon. I'm on a special diet for lowering blood pressure, and from reading the news, I think lots of people will be, or should be. Now, where's my pen.....

  3. Very true and lots of tips there Simon. I'm gazing out of my window now :-)