Monday, 24 November 2014

Posh Readers

It’s probably going to bear no resemblance to real life in a magazine office at all, but if you’ve always wondered how a magazine is put together then tune in at 9pm on BBC 2 tonight for the first episode of a three part series called Posh People: Inside Tatler.

It’s a look at the people who Tatler magazine feature within its pages, but it’ll also be an insight into the people who work for the world's oldest magazine. We often see the grand titles within a magazine's pages: editor, deputy editor, commissioning editor, and here’s an opportunity to see what these people look like, and what they have to do for their job.

Already there are some great quotes from the staff:

Kate Reardon, Editor - “I’m a honking great Sloane and we photograph a lot of Sloanes.”

Gavanndra Hodge, Deputy Editor - “The upper classes don’t care what people think of them, so they are willing to be wild … that’s why they’re fascinating.”

Matthew Bell, Commissioning Editor - “Irrelevant things are what makes life fun.”

Sophia Money-Coutts, Features Editor - “It doesn’t mean that you’re any less valid in life if you didn’t go to Eton - but for Tatler readers, possibly …”

Alice Holland, Jewellery & Watches Editor - “Diamonds in the daytime … it’s a bit gauche.”

(Yes, the magazine has a Jewellery & Watches editor!)

I’m always saying how important it is for a writer to get to know a magazine’s readership - well, here's a great opportunity for you to meet some real readers, and also the staff who put together this magazine. Whether it will be any use to you is another matter, but I'm sure it will be hugely entertaining!

Good luck!


  1. Well ... those quotes tell you an awful lot if you want to pitch to Tatler some day ... All you need to find is a wildly irrelevant activity - possibly involving jewels, and definitely involving sloanes - which they haven't covered before, and you're half way to a sale, surely .... ?

    1. Hey, that sounds like a guaranteed commission there, Alex ;-)

  2. Yep, got it circled in the TV guide already! :-)