Monday, 6 October 2014

Remember The Smaller Details

I have a conker in my coat pocket. (I must remember to take it out.) I picked it up while out walking at the weekend, with the idea of putting it on my desk to remind me to remember the smaller details.

When I saw this (small) conker lying on the ground, I realised that I’d been looking at the bigger picture of Autumn - the changing colours of the leaves, the changing weather, and the shortening days. But there’s more to autumn than these things. Autumn isn’t about red, orange and gold leaves. There are other colours too, if you look long enough. There are purples, and even silvers, and that seems to make the green of evergreen trees more vibrant.

Autumn is about seeing cobwebs capture moisture molecules on a foggy day. Fog usually means we see less, yet it’s possible to see lots of spiders’ webs, highlighted in this way. It’s about the rigmarole of having to capture more spiders that have found their way into the bath, and put them outside (only to watch them run back indoors again). It’s about having arguments of when to put the central heating on. It’s about our woodland floors becoming littered with wild mushrooms, some of which look perfect to eat (but you can’t take the risk), whilst others have already been nibbled by  some of the smallest of Mother Nature’s creatures.

Remember the small detail of things. These are the observations that turn your writing from the cliches to the original and interesting.

Good luck.


  1. That's a beautifully written post, Simon. And when you've finished admiring your conker remember the wise words of a mutual friend - 'A conker in each corner of the room will keep away spiders so there won't be webs to clean away.' She so believes it that she can't see the garlands of thick webs now adorning her ceilings.

  2. Ah, but if you use blutack to stick the conker in the ceiling corner, that works wonders ;-)