Monday, 11 March 2013

There Were These Writers In A Pub...

… and we were waiting for our food to be served … food that had been ordered over an hour previously (and we only had an hour left before I was being the hard taskmaster again).

The waiter was clearly experienced in dealing with waiting, hungry customers, when we questioned him.

“If anyone has a shotgun,” he said, “please feel free to shoot the chef, although you’ll have to form an orderly queue and take your turn after me.”

It was a clever response. Not only did it deflect the impatience amongst the group, but it gave a group of writers a wealth of murderous ideas!

And did those ideas flow! But, no-one was jotting anything down. Who knows how many have been forgotten. Perhaps some, like me, made a mental note to remember the ones that we particularly liked, but no-one can remember everything. Many of us had left our notebooks in our workshop rooms (we were obviously hungry).

Thankfully, we decided not to shoot the chef … and about ten minutes later our lunch arrived (and very nice it was too). But whilst the chef escaped with his life, I don’t doubt several ideas also escaped from the clutches of these writers.

No matter how small or insignificant an idea might seem, always have means to jot it down. Who knows where that spark could take you?

Good luck.


  1. The number of times I have done that! It is so annoying - I always think I shall remember things when I get home but of course I don't.

  2. You have to carry a notebook (preferably a Moleskine to look ultra trendy, if that is important) and a pen at all times! I can see a new thriller plot emerging - no food appears, look in kitchen, chef skewered, lots of suspects (all hungry)....pity I am not a fiction writer!

  3. Yes, who knows? I'e forgotten how mant times I've been reading books where someone, "made a mental note of ... " It's always puzzled me how they could keep a tag of all those 'mental notes'? I certainly can't!

    As for note books - well, I ususally have a DSLR with me where ever I go along with a bag carrying a few spare lenes. And it also carries a note book. I also have A5 note books all over the flat but I aslo have a number of smaller note books that slip into the back pocket of my jeans - just in case eh? It might sound as if I'm showing off, well, what I need to do now is to remember to always have a pen or pencil with me too ;-)))

  4. I always have a phone with me, and am slowly getting the habit of jotting everything down on well as snapping images too.

    When I get home, its already transfered to my Mac. I do still carry a notebook too though...old habits die hard.