Monday, 2 July 2012

All Change!

I've mentioned in the past how it is important to undertake a market analysis of your target publication, especially if it is a magazine that you haven't seen before. However, it is also important to keep a close watch on magazines that you 'think' you know well. Not only do editors change, but sometimes, so does the magazine's owner.

The Kelsey Publishing Group has just purchased two big titles from larger publication companies. The first big name publication it has acquired is Psychologies magazine, which is published in the UK under licence from the French owner Groupe Psychologies. Kelsey Publishing has also acquired Coast magazine from Hearst magazines.

 When magazines change ownership like this, the changes may not be immediate. There may be a change in contact details (such as email addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses), which happens quite quickly, but other changes may creep in over the next few months. A new publisher may want to attract specific advertisers, which may mean altering the magazine's target readership. An editor may be charged with changing the magazine to attract this new readership. Alternatively, a new publisher may decide to bring in a new editor and editorial team.

Another recent change has occurred at the Bourne Publishing Group, who publish many publications, including Your Dog, Your Cat, and Scottish Sporting Gazette. They've renamed themselves as BPG Media, and have treated themselves to new offices. Whilst the magazines's content probably won't change much, the new offices do mean a new postal address and new telephone numbers. Something to bear in mind if you call the editor, or submit articles by post. Whilst postal items will probably be automatically redirected by the Royal Mail, remember first impressions count. An editor seeing your letter addressed to the address they moved out of six months ago may question the last time you actually looked at their publication!

So, just remember that market analysis isn't a one-off event, but should be something you undertake on a regular basis, just to ensure that your understanding of the magazine, as well as the basic details of ordinary contact details, is always up to date.

Good luck.

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