Monday, 27 June 2011


Here's evidence that magazines get it wrong from time to time. In the latest issue of MacWorld magazine, a reader has written in to the Letters page pointing out the fact that last month's (July issue) Star letter seemed a little familiar. When the writer investigated, his sense of deja vu was not without grounding - the letter had been published the previous month - in the June issue of the same magazine!

The writer went on to ask why the letter was not the Star letter in June, but was deemed suitable as a Star Letter in the July issue!

Well, the magazine owned up to a mistake and printed an explanation (sort of) - apparently a new member of staff had taken over and so was not aware of what had been printed on the Letters page the previous month. Hmmm. Not sure I think that explains everything. After all, I'm sure there would have been a spare copy of the previous issue lying around the office somewhere!

Anyway, there are two points I want to make here - firstly, it just proves that magazine staff are human too, and they can make mistakes. And secondly, it also proves that you can get published by pointing out these errors! (The magazine could simply have ignored the writer who wrote in to point out this error, but they didn't - they published his letter.)

So, if you spot something in a magazine that doesn't look quite right ... then write in and let them know.

Good luck.


  1. Editors are human too (and mostly lovely) is a great thing to remember!

  2. Yes, Helen, and this shows, that they will own up to mistakes too!

  3. This reminds me of the time a TV magazine once printed a letter they'd concocted themselves. It was only discovered when the programme the letter commented on failed to air before the magazine came out. Lots of letters and a profuse apology followed...