Monday, 2 May 2011

Getting Your Facts Right

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Newspapers occasionally get things wrong. Usually it's somebody's age (Simon Whaley, 82,) and when this mistake is made it's usually offensive (older), rather than flattering (younger).

But, recently, Australia's Weekend Courier-Mail got more than someone's age wrong.

100 Stories for Queensland is a charity anthology, proceeds of which will go to the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal. To generate some publicity for the upcoming  publication, the organisers interested the Weekend Courier-Mail in an interview, which was published last weekend. What was printed though, was not what the organisers were expecting.

Click on this link here, to see some highlights of what was printed, followed by Jodi Cleghorn's clarifications. It's quite shocking how wrong they got it! And I would encourage you to read it - not only to see the horrendous errors made, but also to get a clear idea about what the anthology is about and trying to achieve.

The good news is that the eBook version is available now for download. Click here for details. It contains 100, uplifting or humorous stories, (including one of mine!) and will also be available as a Print on Demand book in the next few days.

If only the Weekend Courier-Mail put as much editorial effort into their text, as Jodi and her editorial team did with this anthology!

Good luck!

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