Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How To Turn 3p Into £100

Just take a look at this cheque. Yes, that's right. Barclays Bank sent me a cheque for 3 pence. (It wouldn't have happened in my day when I worked on the 'Open and Close' account section.)

I closed an account and did they simply transfer the outstanding credit interest to my current account? No. They sent me a cheque. Ooh, I can feel the steam rising from your own ears as you read this! Infuriating isn't it? Not only have the banks made a mess of our economy, but they clearly have money to waste by posting cheques of 3p out to their customers. (Yes, it was sent first class.)

So, how many times have I told you that you should send off a letter to a magazine when you have something to say? Well, spotting an opportunity I decided to do just that and I wrote to Moneywise magazine. And guess what? It's their Star Letter in the October issue! And what's the prize for their Star letter? £100 of M&S vouchers!

So that, my dear readers, is how you turn 3p into £100.

Can anyone better that?

Good luck!


  1. Good for you. It made us laugh hearing your story. :O)

  2. Well done Simon - you've obviously got writer's radar!

  3. It's amazing what you can turn into a story.

  4. A Nobel in Economics is called for.