Monday, 2 August 2010

Magazines Can Make Mistakes

I've just returned from the Caerleon Writers Holiday where I've been running my Positively Productive Writer series of workshops. Short story writer, and Writers' Forum magazine columnist, Paula Williams, mentioned a wonderful incident concerning one of her short stories, which I just had to pass onto to you.

Paula had submitted a short story to one of the women's magazines, and one day, the postman returned it. Reading the rejection letter, Paula discovered that the editor felt her story was aimed at too young an audience and, therefore, was not right for the magazine's readership.

Two days later, a copy of the very same magazine arrived through her letterbox and guess what? Yes, in it was her story that was supposedly aimed at too young an audience! They'd published it! (It turned out that the rejection letter had been sent in error.)

An event like Caerleon enables writers to get together and share wonderful stories like this. One of the exercises I asked my workshop victims (I mean delegates) to do was to create a list of things writers can do throughout the year to keep themselves motivated and inspired to write. You can't shut yourself away in your garret forever, you have to get out there and do things. Next week, I'm doing just that - I'm at the Swanwick Writers Summer School but before I go, I'll post the list of ideas that we came up with - several for every month of the year, so there's no excuse!

In the meantime, I'll let a few of my workshop attendees explain exactly what a productive writer is ...

Good luck!


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  2. The course was brilliant. I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot. Thank you Simon

  3. Excellent! I wish I'd been there - must get there next year.
    Julie xx