Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Every Little Helps!

This posting is a day later than usual, because I spent Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday at Attingham Park - the National Trust's West Midland Regional Headquarters. Over this bank holiday weekend, the National Trust have a second-hand book fair, so a group of Shropshire authors go along and we sell our own books alongside the second-hand ones. It's brilliant! The place is teeming with book-lovers, so, who better to browse what we have to offer, meet the author and get their purchases signed too!

As is traditional with a British Bank Holiday weekend, the weather was certainly 'varied' but there was a cool breeze, which may have reduced visitor numbers. But these events are always great fun and, of course, an opportunity to sell books! I was fortunate enough to sell a few books on both days and whilst it may not have made me a fortune, as the supermarket slogan goes ... Every Little Helps!

It is impossible to predict how sales will go at events like this (so it isn't worth trying) - there are good days when you sell loads and not so good days when there are no sales. But attending events like these every few months makes a difference. From those days when you sell nothing, to those days when you can sell several hundred pounds worth of books, it all adds up. Since I've had books to sell over the last six years, I've sold thousands of pounds worth of my books. Standing back and taking a look at the bigger picture is important from time to time. It helps to put those quieter days into perspective.

The same goes with your writing. A few words written here, a few there, may not feel like much, but totted up over time, they will produce a much larger sum total. You may only have ten minutes to spare for your writing, but ten minutes could result in a hundred words being produced. Writing a tenth of a one thousand word article is still worth doing! Ten minutes over ten days, doesn't sound much, but you could have a first draft of an article by the end of it!

So, next time you only have a few minutes to spare in order to write, or you look back and despair that after an hour all you've managed to produce is a few hundred words, don't panic. Stop looking at the small detail and take a step back. See what those few words are helping you to achieve in your writing career. It may only feel like a hundred words now, but every little helps!

Good luck!


  1. Great advice Simon and yesterday I did just that. Came up with the title of my next book. I only wrote six words but it's a start!

  2. I'm someone just passing by but I've been a fan of your blog for nearly a year. It's so helpful. Thanks very much for sharing your experiences and I must say, that whatever you share will come back to you many times more.

  3. Hi Di

    That's great! Six fewer words to go now until the end!

    Hi gaelikaa

    Glad you find the blog useful! It's great to get the feedback.