Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hollywood Here I Come - NOT!

You may recall a few months ago, when the Writers Bureau tutors got together, some of us had to do some video work. Well, the production company have worked their magic (although they could have worked a bit harder on me, I look nothing like Brad Pitt, but they promised I would) and the results are now available for all to see. (Did I just say that? For ALL to see?)

To see me and hear my words of wisdom about writing non-fiction books click here.

To see Lorraine Mace talk about writing humour, Stephanie Baudet discussing writing for children, and Alison Chisholm praise poetry, then click here.

Anyone with a nervous disposition, should look away now.

Good luck!


  1. OMG Simon, I feel quite star struck now and don't know quite what to say. You look great, and what a fab opportunity to get some practice for when you become a best selling novelist!
    Well done

  2. Oh Di you're lovely. My comment was going to be 'My God it's even scarier when you connect your laptop to the TV' but after what you've said, I can't really add that can I? ;-)

    So I'll just say I agree with Di

  3. Tee hee! Oh, Sue, behave yourself! Mind you, I made sure my daughter was out of the room before I played it - I don't want her having nightmares! Only teasing, Simon - you look wonderful daaarling!

    And he plugged your book too Di!

    Do I have a non-fiction book in me? Not sure!

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Simon, you look good, so I don't know what you were worried about! Mind you, they did a good job of editing out the buses going past! Well done, very interesting, informative and professional.

  5. Well done, very impressive. As soon as they make 'Carry on Writing' you will be a real star. Don't let the paparazzo grind you down.

  6. I don't know how you delivered the 'one hundred ways to train a chicken' line without grinning. I thought you were going to ... and then you moved on. Good video. Helpful, actually, and inspiring. It reminds me that I must decide on the hundredth way to train a woodlouse ... I've got 99, so I'm nearly there.

  7. That is a brilliant video, Simon. You packed so much info into five minutes and you've certainly inspired me!

  8. Thank you for your kind words Teresa, but you've just confirmed your fiction writing skills!

  9. Very useful talk, Simon. You make a lot of good points - and you make it seem possible.
    Must say it looks as though you're in a prison cell, with light streaming in from a window above your head.

  10. Glynis, whilst it was being filmed, it felt like a prison cell. The production compnay (aka the prison guards) kept us on our toes. We'd do our piece to camera, the director would go, "that was great", and then the sound/camera man would say 'We'll do it one more time from the top." It was as if they enjoyed watching us squirm!