Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy July 1st!

If you're just about to celebrate the start of 2010, you are so 'last year'! Actually, make that 'so last six months'. The whacky world of writing means that you should be working at least six months ahead.

All those poor souls who are not writers are having to endure all those back-to-back "review of 2009" programmes (which the television companies did last June - because like writers, they work six months ahead). And those non-writers are also having to sit there and decide what their New Year resolutions for 2010 are going to be.

But we, as writers, did all that six months ago, didn't we? It may be snowing outside in the 'non-writing' world, but here in the writing world, I'm sitting in my shorts and T-shirt in 28 degree heat with a clear blue sky and a Cracker - no, not a festive cracker (that is so six months ago), this Cracker is a cocktail of Cranberry juice, Pink Grapefruit juice, Pineapple juice and Orange juice.

Well, when you're busy pitching summer travel pieces and trying to create summer short stories, it's important that we writers get ourselves in the mood. Gosh, here in the UK, in less that 4 weeks, the kids will be breaking up for their summer holidays - I ought to get that article idea sorted about how to look after 30 children aged 13 to 16 from the local neighbourhood for the entire summer break with just 75p, three wheelie bins and a bag of crack cocaine.

Anyway, working so far ahead has it's benefits. The great British general election is all done and dusted in my writing world. (Katie Price aka Jordan is now Prime Minister, and although the weekend newspapers had a field day immediately after the election showing our new Prime Minister in photographic poses that no other Prime Minister has been (legally) snapped in, at least it does mean that her clothing expenses will be negligible - unlike many of the outgoing MPs.)

However, for all you writers out there approaching the traditional 'six month dip', I know that coming up with new ideas at this time of the year can be difficult, so below are some links to some 'event' calendars, which may spark some article or even short story ideas off for you.

Event Calendar

The Lady magazine - Media Pack - planned issue themes for 2010

The Date-A-Base Book - details of all major anniversaries in 2010

Vegetarian Times Editorial Calendar

Parent & Child magazine editorial calendar

Airport Magazine

We Magazine for Women (USA)

There's quite an eclectic mix here, but the reason for this is to show that magazines around the world and on practically any and every subject, plan their issues well in advance, and some even publicise this fact (for the advertisers). To find out if your favourite magazine produces an editorial calendar do a Google Search for the name of the magazine and include the phrase "editorial+calendar".

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy July 1st tomorrow (doesn't time fly when you're having fun?) and a very productive second half of 2010 and first half of 2011.

Good luck.


  1. You must be joking! :-) Six months? What with the house cleaning and ironing, (I've just sacked the latest house helper who flooded my kitchen floor), preparing numerous meals for family and friends, and husband scurrying around the internet for theatre trips and places to visit and looking pleased and excited grrrr...never mind, I'm trying to cling to my sanity by thinking about the three completed books which all need editing - so thankfully there'll be something to work on amongst the usual future madness, even if it takes ages to finish them!
    A peaceful New Year and lots of successful writing to come! Carole.

  2. Interesting post and loads of useful info - thank you. But Simon you've been sniffing those sausage rolls again.... we can always tell. ;-)

    And may 2010 surpass your wildest dreams x

  3. Six months in advance? No wonder you don't have time for spells and psychic cleansing!

  4. Humph. I want to be sitting outside in a heat of 28 degrees, with clear blue sky and a cracker. Instead, I'm in Northumberland, heating on full blast, and having a cup of tea.

    Bring on the summer!
    And a happy New Year to you - whatever the date...

  5. Of course anyone who'd rather celebrate 1 January
    can write for Australian magazines, short stories anyway. This'd be the perfect time to send winter stories our way...
    Over here it's rather more than 28 degrees, very muggy and a thunderstorm forecast - ice and snow sound very appealing

  6. Hi Simon

    Happy 2011 as the way you are going what you are feeling now is what will be written and published for next year.

    I am going to get myself well and start off slowly by doing here and now stuff which I am good at with the newspaper letters to ease myself in gradually once I have recuperated.

    Best wishes