Friday, 20 November 2009

Safe and Sound

Just a quick post to thank everyone for their concerned queries during this weather event in Cumbria. I am safe and sound, on high ground, with enough provisions to see me through to the middle of next week, so I have no need to venture out at all.

This is the road to Hawkshead, my nearest village about a mile away, which is only passable if you have a Land Rover (and then, it comes up over the bonnet!). Technically, I am stranded. All roads are blocked. Cumbria has seen 18 inches (about 45cm) of rain since the beginning of November, of which 16 inches (40cm) have fallen since this Tuesday. Locally, the Met office are calling this a 'one in a thousand years' event.

Where I'm staying is above Esthwaite Water (the lake that has flooded the Hawkshead Road above) however, the volume of rain has flooded the cellar here at the property, which has knocked the heating out. Thankfully, it isn't cold though. I still have electricity too!

And even if I lose that, I have a head torch with batteries that last 140 hours, and because I'm working on the novel, I'm using a red pen to highlight the words I want to delete on the manuscript, so I shall still be able to work!

My thoughts though are with the family of the missing Policeman and all those other people who have been flooded out in Cockermouth, Keswick, Coniston, Ambleside, Windermere, Kendal and Ulverston.

Stay safe.


  1. I really did not realise the situation was that bad, I read the BBC internet news everyday but they don't seem to have mentioned this - glad I am not on an HF walking week in the lakes! Take care.

  2. Glad to hear you're OK. Can we have a pic of you with the headtorch on?
    The floods are tragic and I feel so sorry for the policeman's wife and four children.

  3. Thank God for that. I did think of you earlier on when I was watching the flood waters race down Cockermouth high street. One can only imagine what thet poor, poor policeman's family must be going through.

    At least you are well stocked up and dry. Do take care. Perfect weather for a writer who is now stranded and so has to do his editing!

    Julie xx

  4. Glad you're safe but to be honest I wasn't going to volunteer to come and pick you up ;-)

    It is absolutely horrible what as happened. It makes me weep because I know exactly what those poor people who have been flooded are going through and will do for a long time yet. And that poor policeman's family - one can't imagine but what a brave man.

    And as for you, well if this is a once in a thousand years event and you're almost in the middle of it, well done. You've obviously got a nose for a good story.

  5. So glad to hear that you are ok, It's awful hearing the news up in Cockermouth and then to think you are up there so close to it all is scary.
    Take care and keep us posted.

  6. I've been watching the floods on our news today, hoping you're okay.
    Yes, Simon, a photo in that headtorch would be good - is this something you ordinarily keep handy?

  7. With the amount of rain we had in Wales I was extremely worried as to your situation. So am glad to hear you are ok. At least you can continue to edit your book.

    Best wishes