Thursday, 22 October 2009

Not All Editors Have Horns

I had a wonderful surprise this morning, when the post came. No, not because there's a national postal strike today (the delivery men go on strike on Friday), but because I had a hand written letter from the editor of The Author magazine.

The Author is the journal for the Society of Authors and is published quarterly. I've been a member of this organisation for several years now and they are worth every penny of the annual subscription.

Some time ago, I proposed an article idea to the editor. There's a group of us in my local area who have had books published, and we've got together on several occasions to do 'joint' book signings. It's a bit different from traditional author book signings and we've had a bit of a laugh doing it too. So I proposed an article explaining how other authors could do the same.

The editor accepted it and it was published a couple of weeks ago in the Autumn 2009 issue. I was rather surprised to see it as the first article in the issue - but it was nice to see it there!

Then when I opened the post this morning, I was surprised but delighted to see a handwritten note from the editor, Andrew Rosenheim. He thanked me for my piece and said that it deserved its 'pole position' in the magazine because of it's "inspiring mix of utility and entertainment."

And then he ended with the best words possible - he hoped that I'll think of submitting work to The Author again!

It's so easy these days to imagine editors as half-human/half-devil, setting impossible deadlines and then cutting or rewriting our precious material. But every now and then we should remember that they are human, just like you and I. They don't set out to be
ogres or monsters to be avoided at all costs. In fact many of them began their writing lives as freelance writers.

So, don't think badly of editors. Always be polite, professional and charming to them. And one day you may be rewarded with a little magic of your own.

Good luck.


  1. I have horns. If you tell everyone I don't, my street cred will go right out of the window. :o)

  2. Well perhaps little horns are allowed every now and then, Diane ;-)

  3. Well done, Simon! I bet you're over the moon. I guess not all editors are "bad" whose sole purpose is to strike fear and loathing into the hearts of writers!!

    But I agree - some of them do have an air of superiority and austerity but that's not a bad thing. At least you know where you stand! So yes bring on the horns!!

    Julie xx

  4. Congrats on this Simon and enjoy yourself tomorrow 'up north'

  5. Thanks for the encouragement :)