Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Chap - A Journal for the Modern Gentleman

I mentioned in last week's post that I'd come across a rather different men's magazine the other day. I discovered this, purely by practicing what I preach - whenever you go anywhere new, stake out the local newsagents because you'll never know what you'll find.

Seeing as last weekend I was at the Writers Bureau Tutor get together in Manchester, I spent a couple of hours browsing the city centre before catching the train home. The WHSmith's there is huge - far bigger than anything I have in my home county.

All in all, I spent about £35 on magazines, and one of them was this one - The Chap. It's strapline is The Journal for the Modern Gentleman. Hmmm, having looked through it, that seems rather tongue in cheek!

One of the main articles in this latest issue is an interview with Adrian Dannatt, who played 'William' in the 1970's TV series 'Just William' (the version that had Bonnie Langford as Violet Elizabeth Bott). I think that sets the age range of the typical 'Chap' reader.

The website hints more at what the magazine is about. It says:

"The Chap takes a wry look at the modern world through the steamed-up monocle of a more refined age, occasionally getting its sock suspenders into a twist at the unspeakable vulgarity of the twenty-first century.

Since 1999, the Chap has been championing the rights of that increasingly marginalised and discredited species of Englishman - the gentleman. The Chap believes that a society without courteous behaviour and proper headwear is a society on the brink of moral and sartorial collapse, and it seeks to reinstate such outmoded but indispensable gestures as hat doffing, giving up one's seat to a lady and regularly using a trouser press."

Whilst you probably need to be of a certain age to really appreciate this magazine, there were a couple of articles, which may have been freelance written, including:

  • A Biography of Edward James - an aristocrat who turned his back on Upper Class England and built a magical Surrealist kingdom in the Mexican Jungle.
  • A look back at some of the dress codes of the pupils of Eton school.
  • How to buy a proper 'vintage' watch.
  • John Ruskin - the dapper dresser that many people don't realise.
  • La Grande Distillation - a history of the village that became the epicentre of Cognac.
Near the end is a column called 'The Lady and The Cad' - it's a problem page where a reader writes in with a problem, and gets two answers - one from The Lady and the other from The Cad. One reader wrote in to inquire as to the etiquette of whether it is acceptable to go out with a woman who is your father's goddaughter. Hmmm, tricky stuff.

So, for all you gentlemen out there, who are exasperated at the number of women's magazines on the newsagent's shelves, here's one that may interest you.

For more information, visit the magazine's website at

Good luck.


  1. Yes this reminds me - discovered this magazine on the net some time ago. Sounds a bit 'Bertie Wooster' but maybe easier to crack than The Oldie.

  2. Will I need to change sex via a pseudoname to try and infiltrate this mag?!!

    Julie xx

    Is it you, Rob, with a letter in the current issue of Freelance Market? Or is it another R. Innes?

  3. I have just read their manifesto on the site. It seems it's not just the chaps that are needed for their 'revolution' toware renewing cultural panache.

    Qoute: It is time for Chaps and Chapettes from all walks of life to stand up and be counted.

    This could be fun.

    Yes Rob, saw your letter in the Writing Magazine this month, well done.

  4. Opps, must spellcheck before posting. Toward and quote. Haven't I learned anything?