Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Water Works ... And I'm Trying To

I happen to live in the county where Muller have their factory - the company who make all those yoghurts, and used to run the adverts with the 'Pleasure/Pain' theme. (Whilst someone was enjoying the pleasure of a Muller yoghurt, someone, somewhere else in the world was experiencing pain.) The theory is that in a balanced world, pain will always be counterbalanced with pleasure.

So I thought I'd just let everyone know that following my last posting - about the pleasure of being a freelance writer - here's the pain.

Severn Trent have finally succumbed to local demands to replace the water main at the bottom of the hill. It regularly bursts every few months leaving us without water for most of the day. Still, following a petition and lots of letters (people power does work by the way), Severn Trent agreed that they would replace the faulty water main at the bottom of the road. Hooray!

They are, of course, having the last laugh. They have also decided to replace all the water pipes ABOVE this main water main too. This includes the pipe that runs up my road as well.

So, here I am, sitting at my desk, trying to write a module on the Finance course I am working on at the moment about Break-Even Analysis (don't ask) and Severn Trent are currently using several diggers, pneumatic drills and other noise inducing equipment to dig up all the roads around here. It's compounded by the fact that it is actually sunny here at the moment too - something we've not seen much here in the western half of the UK since June, so I just have to have my window open.

It will be a painful week. Especially as we've been told that we'll be without water on Thursday and Friday. (It's okay, I had my bath three months ago, so I'm not due for another in the immediate future.)

Of course, the irony is not lost on any of us who live up my road. Have you seen the weather forecast for Thursday and Friday?

However, I have a deadline, so I will work. The writer who strives for the perfect ambiance in which to write will spend all their time getting the ambiance right, rather than writing. Severn Trent will make this week painful, but they won't stop me from writing. (Unless they go through the power cable, which they have been known to do once or twice before).

So if you find writing painful, push past the pain barrier. Because the pleasure comes when it is finished and published.

Wish me luck.


  1. Hi Simon

    I was just writing at my desk and all the power went off for a second due to a thunder storm, normal service now resumed but I was more worried about losing my work - and the fact that I have more chance of being struck by lightening than winning the lottery. However, I hope that I have more chance of being published than being struck by lightening, so I shall continue to weather the storm - even if I am pitch darkness with a leeking roof.

  2. Hope you power supply has settled now, Di! And see where bragging about being sent on luxury assisgnments get you Mr Whaley?!!! Tee hee. No, seriously - I feel your pain!

    Julie xx

  3. I don't mind you feeling my pain, but I'm the one who decides who feels my pleasure!

  4. Hah hah! I keep telling you, Simon, what happens on retreat stays on retreat!

  5. Funny how neither of us are going on retreat this year heh?

  6. Yes, it is rather, isn't it! Who's 'hole' is Bryan going to borrow this year, I wonder?!


  7. Julie! I was drinking a mouthful of tea and then I read your last comment! I now have tea all over my computer keyboard! Thanks!

    I'm sure we'll find out the answer to your question though. :-)

  8. So sorry, Simon!

    Waggrat is my word!

  9. Is this thread a dialogue-style entry for the 'holiday confessions' competition you were telling us about?...

  10. Time for a change of theme? - Simon, I thought the water only went off in Spain (where I attempt to write)and when it does I always think of the UK , the land with a constant water supply, or maybe not. PS Your mention of 'Break even analysis' made me to remember my old job so I shall have to be careful reading your blog in future.

  11. Fran, I couldn't possibly comment!

  12. We've a quiet workman here - note the singular. Pembrokeshire council are doing a makeover on the village carpark. To replace the potholes and mud we are getting tarmac and lines for farmers to park inbetween. A lone workman arrived with scythe, shovel and hammer. So far he's cut the hedge back (scythe), dug some holes and hammered some fence posts into them - two week's work. Gonna be a long job but at least he's quiet.