Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rob's Anthology Success

Rob Innis tackled his course work from his new adopted home in Spain, and he's overjoyed to see one of his short stories has just been published in a new anthology called "Courting the Bull: An Anthology of Expatriate Literature in Spain."

Published by Innoword (ISBN: 978-0-9840928-0-2) it is a collection of short stories, essays and verse aiming to seize the resulting momentum of the expatriate's experience. Here, the writers and artists who have succumbed to the allure of Spain illustrate why there is no place in the world they would rather call home.

Another reason why Rob is so chuffed with this (I suspect) is because the course he studied dealt with just non-fiction! He didn't study fiction. But that's what I like about the world of writing. You may be interested in one specific genre, but suddenly a competition or a writing opportunity will pass before your eyes and for some reason, it just sparks an idea. So you give it a go.

My specialism is non-fiction, but I occasionally dabble with fiction. Regular readers will know that a few weeks ago one of my short stories was placed in the top five of a competition. And at the end of August, an editor contacted me to say that she was going to use one of my short stories in Fiction Feast magazine.

I'm currently drawing to the end of writing a correspondence course, and when I've finished that I shall start working on a project I've been commissioned to do for the Hereford Diocese. So as I say, sometimes an interesting writing opportunity will put itself before your eyes. And when it does, banish that first initial thought that says, "Nah, I don't do XXX." Stop and think for a moment. Consider saying to yourself, "Yeah, why don't I give it a go?" Because you never know where it could lead!

Well done Rob!


  1. Simon - you suspect correctly, despite getting a lot of non-fiction published this has given me quite a buzz. Watch out world!

  2. Good post, Simon. This is so true. I write fiction but stray into non-fiction. The art is in being flexible, as you say, and just following your instincts with your writing.