Friday, 21 August 2009

Confession Time!

We saw how last year, many of my students had successes with The Observer's "My Crap Holiday" column in its Travel section ... well here's this year's gauntlet then .... The Sunday Times's "Confessions of a Tourist."

Now I haven't cracked this one yet, but I'm going to, and I wondered if some of you might like to have a go too. Are you brave enough?

The "Confessions of a Tourist" slot appears in the Sunday Times Travel supplement at the weekend, although copies can be found online. They range from between 500 and 650 words in length and are, as the name says on the tin, a confession of a time when you were a tourist. It's a sexual confession though.

If you read through some of the examples online, you'll see that the format tends to fall into three camps:
  • the tourist looking for 'an experience' and failing miserably,
  • the tourist not looking for 'an experience' and getting the partner of their dreams,
  • or the tourist enjoying the 'experience' and then being embarrassed/caught out.
So, lots to get your teeth into there ... I mean that metaphorically, of course!

Here's some links to some existing confessions to get you in the mood!

Midsummer Massage

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Shake, Rattle and Roll Over

If that's stirred you into life, then try emailing your submissions to and mark them for the attention of Stephen Boyd.

This is one piece of writing where you may want to use a pseudonym!

Good luck - and do share your success with us :-)


  1. Simon,

    For this sort of thing where emails would usually be send in text, how do we say we want to use a pseudonym? Would it be said, "Jane Smith writing as Mary Smith?"

  2. Simple. Put the title of your piece, and then underneath put 'By Fred Bloggs (psuedonym)' (or whatever pseudonym you want to use!)

    Then at the end of your email, give your full and correct name and contact details.

    (And if you can't think of a suitable pseudonym, simply re-arrange the letters in your name and make it an anagram. So says Milo Swanhey!)

  3. You should have no shortage of material for this section, Simon! Unlike myself who has nothing to declare!


  4. Yes, is there a competition for 'Holiday Experiences You Wished You'd Had?'