Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Are Men Daft?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - sending out letters and fillers on a regular basis can be financially rewarding.

I was recently contacted by one of my students, Dave Cullen, who has been very busy and is benefiting from his success. And much of this success has been with the shorter letters and fillers, in addition to some articles too.

Take "That's Life" magazine. Near the back they have a section called 'Rude Joke of the Week' - where they use three of four of these. Now it's not a lot of money, but they do pay £15 if they publish a joke that you've sent in. Dave has had 28 jokes published so far, and for those of you who can't do the maths, 28 x £15 = £420! Now when I used to work in an office, rude jokes were always doing the rounds on the email system. Next time your get one in your inbox, instead of forwarding it round to your office colleagues, why not forward it to That's Life?

His letters have earned him almost £100 and sending funny pictures to the right slots in the magazines has also netted him £150. Add this lot together and you can see, we're talking serious money now.

Being a writer, doesn't necessarily involve sitting down and writing the great novel - merely sitting down and doing some writing. If you only have 10 minutes to spare, writing a letter or a short filler is more than feasible and the rewards are proportionately bigger than for much larger projects.

So if you find yourself with a spare ten minutes, which isn't long enough to start the next short story, or article, don't give up on your writing - produce a letter or joke instead. It's still publication!

As for the title of this posting ... well, That's Life also has a section called "Aren't Men Daft?" where women write in about stupid things their husbands or boyfriends have done. Dave happened to admit to me that he's sent in a few examples of silly things he's done. He's had to do it from his wife's email address, but they've used three of his submissions so far - and they pay between £25 and £50 depending upon where on the page they use the piece. So is Dave daft to do this? I wouldn't call 'being published' daft at all. In fact it's the people who waste that spare ten minutes they have, instead of writing, who I think are daft.

Nice one Dave!


  1. Nothing daft about Dave is there!
    Good for him! It all mounts up doesn't it.

  2. I often send letters to The Sun in the hope of winning letter this would pay £50. I also do the same with News of the World that would pay £75. So to get both in a week would net £125. No luck so far but at least I am trying.

    I have managed to get two letters into the News of the World one in my name and one sent from my husband's email address. He does know I do this as does my writing group.

    Well done Dave and thanks for the hints. I will be seeing what I can do.

    Friday in The Sun also publishes some funnies. So it is not all serious stuff that gets published.

    Best of luck to all budding writers and I wish you every success.

  3. That's right Fee - publication doesn't have to be serious. Remember the Golden Rule - whatever you read, somebody had to write!

  4. Thanks Simon. I've never even looked at That's Life but now I'll be buying a copy pronto! Unfortunately, my husband is eminently sensible, but maybe some of my own faux pas could switch gender? Move over, Dave...

  5. Hi Cal

    Yep, that's the way to do it - make your mistakes, your hubby's mistakes. Put the 'creative' into 'creative writing'!