Thursday, 18 June 2009

Perfect pitches

This is just a quick plug for this month's Ezee Writer newsletter, which has just been published.

This month's article has been written by yours truly. It's called 'Perfect Pitches' and explains how to go about 'pitching' an article idea to an editor first, before you actually go through all that hard work and effort that is involved with actually writing the flipping article in the first place!

Our work gets rejected for many reasons, some of which may be down to bad luck - the editor has just accepted a piece on a similar idea, for example. A query letter helps to identify this situation and stops you working flat out writing an article which stands no chance of being accepted through no fault of your own.

In this piece, I've included an example of one of my pitch letters. It's a real letter and it worked - it got me two commissions. It's so much more exciting writing an article that you know the editor is actually looking forward to seeing.

So to save yourself some heartache and time, click on this link to read the article in full, if you haven't had it already as an Ezee Writer subscriber.

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Good Luck!

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  1. Hi, Simon! I didn't know about this newsletter so I've signed up for it. Thanks for providing a link and I shall read your article in a mo.