Thursday, 4 December 2008

One Million Words ... and still counting.

I know yesterday's posting told you that it was a magical day when the postman delivered my copies of my new book, but it was also an important milestone for me in another way too.

Since becoming a full time freelance writer just under 5 years ago, I've kept a record of the number of words I produce each day, and the spreadsheet also keeps a running 'Grand Total'.

Well yesterday, that Grand Total hit the one million mark. One million words! Blimey! (actually, by the end of the day the tally read 1, 001, 267 words).

Now I didn't set out to write a million words (gosh that would have been demoralising.) But it does show how writing something everyday, all helps to contribute to the bigger picture. Just glancing through my spreadsheet I can see days when I only wrote a letter of 25 words, and then there are days when working on a book, suddenly 7,000 words appeared from somewhere.

And they all add up.

So don't feel dismayed if you only wrote a few words yesterday. The important point is that you wrote SOME words. And SOME are better then NONE.

And this posting adds more to the total!

(And for those of you wondering - no I don't include the words I write on your feedback sheets of your assignments!)

Good luck.


  1. WoWWWWWWWWW!!!! Simon. I am just speechless with this record.

    I wonder how do you count this? Do you literally note it in the spreadsheet or you have any speical software that just counts the words you write everyday?

    But, hats off to you. Congrats,


  2. Hi Vacha

    No special software needed. All i simply do is do a word count in my word processor and then add it to my spreadsheet.

    For the technically minded, my spreadsheet has 4 columns:

    Manuscript type (article, short story, non-fiction book etc)
    Manuscript (the title of the project I'm working on)
    Number of words (self-explanatory)

    And that's it!


  3. Wow 1 million! incredible - your PC must be worn out!

    Here's to the next million

  4. Hi Rob

    Yeah, actually, since going full time, I'm on my third desktop PC. The other two blew up - literally!