Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Your Vote Could Make The Difference

One of my students, John Price, has emailed bringing me up to date with all of his activities, one of which has been the joining of a writers' group. Now I'm an advocate of such groups, but I'll let John explain in his words what he is enjoying most about it:

"A group of other writers seemed to be a good idea so I sought one out and it's been a joy. Apart from the laughs, the incentive to have something to share each week - whether it's in response to the prompts given out at the meetings or one of my own writing projects - has certainly got me writing more quickly and even dabbling with unfamiliar genres. But Rising Brook Writers in Stafford is different from other writers groups in this area in that it is a voluntary charitable trust that aims to promote the joys of creative writing among the over-50s and the disabled. As well as weekly meetings and on-line workshops, each year we run a series of touring workshops for senior citizen groups, care centres and the like that encourage people to share their memories, which we help them to write and publish as both a book and a CD. Last year the theme of the workshops, which are supported by lottery funding, was wartime memories, this year it's seaside holidays, and I've been asked to lead the sessions and write the book. So, I joined the group for company and feedback on my own writing and end up getting paid work. It really is true that there can be writing opportunities in the most unexpected places."

So, if you want to broaden your skills, friends and overall writing experience, then look for a writing group in your area. John would now like our help to gain some grant funding for a project they're involved with:

"We have applied to the Staffordshire County Council’s Local Member Initiative Scheme for funding to replace computer equipment to enable senior citizen volunteers to operate a weekly online writing workshop for the housebound. If you would be kind enough to vote for us by text message before 31st October, It would be a great help. Just send Vote SW11 to 60003. "

Please remember that your mobile phone operator will charge you for texting your vote, and that votes need to be cast by 31st October.

Good luck John.

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