Monday, 20 October 2008

My Crap Holiday

Apologies for the rude word in the title, but I'm only quoting the section in The Observer newspaper that is open to freelance submissions.

Many of the newspapers have sections which are open to 'readers' and in The Observer's Escape section (travel and holidays) there is a 'Reader's Page' mainly consisting of letters asking for help with their holidays. There is however, a section of about 400 words entitled "My Crap Holiday" where readers can describe their worst holiday. There's no payment, but there is a small prize of a First Aid Kit (designed to 'take the sting' out of future holiday disasters!).

To give you an idea, why not read an example of someone's 'crap' holiday and see if you have one that's even crappier?

Click on this link to read an example - yes folks - it's my crap holiday - which was published yesterday Sunday 19th October 2008. It's easy to do. I emailed it to the address that the paper provides on 8th October and here it is 11 days later. And no - they didn't tell me they were going to use it. Why should they? After all, it's on the "Reader's Page" therefore they expect me to be a reader every week and buy a copy anyway!

So go on. Have a go. We've all had at least one crap holiday. Haven't we?

Good luck!


  1. Yes - I was visiting a fellow student when she started reading out the piece from the paper and then announced the author! We never know where you are going to crop up!

  2. Thanks for the tip, my crap holiday was published today. Nice to have some work I can link to from my website.