Thursday, 10 July 2008

Writing From Life

If ever you are stuck for ideas, Lynne Hackle's new book "Writing From Life" (ISBN:978-1-84528-241-7) will be just the antidote you need.

Lynne is a prolific short story writer and regularly uses personal experiences as the basis for her tales. For those of us who know her, we're still waiting to see a short story based on her experience when she was on the Channel 4 game show with Noel Edmonds, "Deal Or No Deal" (and won!).

In her book, Lynne shows you how to sell a snippet of conversation (how many times have I told you to get eavesdropping?), how to take your boss and your best friend and come up with an entirely new character, sell one experience to several different markets and how to make the most from your hobbies.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, we always put elements of our own experience in our writing, and Lynne's book shows you how to maximise this.

The book is also littered with quotes from a variety of writers about how they've used their experiences to get into print, (read mine on page 40!), as well as a series of exercises to help you delve into the inner depths of your memories and recover those life experiences you thought you'd forgotten.

I read Lynne's book in one sitting and jotted down five ideas without really thinking about them. One I've already submitted as a letter, and two which I'm currently developing as articles.

So if you're stuck for ideas, then check out Lynne's book.

Good luck.

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