Sunday, 8 June 2008

It Shouldn't Happen To A Freelance Writer!

The weather we've had here recently has been unpredicatble to say the least, but on Friday the forecast for Chester was looking good. This was great because Country & Border Life magazine had asked me to do a feature about the town's tourist guides who have just created a tour of the Gardens and Open Spaces in the area. Twice we'd put off the tour because of bad weather. (Naturally we wanted blue sky pictures to tempt tourists to visit the town in the future!)

So Friday dawned and as I drove the 60 miles to Chester I was overjoyed to see the blue skies expanding further. Earlier on in the week I'd travelled to the Llyn Peninsula to do a feature about coves and bays for August's issue and the day had dawned well. Clear blue skies everywhere. Three hours later when I'd reached the Llyn Peninsula - the arm of Wales in the north stretching out into the Irish Sea - I'd discovered that I was in the only area of Wales under cloud that day!

Anyway, back in Chester, I met up with the Guides, Stephen, Yvonne and Gerry who began showing me around their new Gardens tour - the climax being Grosvenor Gardens. It really was amazing being told about all the different plants and trees that exist in a large park that half the town sunbathes in on a beautiful day such as today. I wondered how many sunseekers realised that they were lying next to a Strawberry Tree? (Apparently the fruit are really bitter!)

As we turned a corner, the guides suddenly stopped in sheer horror. Unbeknown to them, the contractors who look after the gardens had moved in, in the early hours of the morning. They were completely revamping all of the flower beds in the park. The vast borders we were expecting to be a riot of colours were not. They were areas of brown earth!

So guess who has got to go back to Chester in a few weeks time when the contractors have finished replanting? I just hope the weather is as good as it was on Friday. Two sunny days in Britain? Hmmm, that's what we call a heatwave!


  1. Hi Simon, No I agree it shouldn't! I remember being in Chester years ago on a freezing cold day walking around the wall and finding a wonderful pub with a coal fire where we sat and cooked ourselves!

  2. Before moving to the 'middle of nowhere', we lived not far from Chester. With its beautiful architecture, Roman history and the colour of the sandstone, it must be a real treat to photograph.

  3. Blue sky and flowers, sounds perfect combinition. Hope this new tour can turn out smooth.