Friday, 14 March 2008

Lady Luck works In mysterious ways

Firstly, congratulations to one of my previous students, John for having a letter published in the March issue of Freelance Market News. In it, he tells of an opportunity that arose, quite by chance when he went to a local church fair in order to write a short piece for his local newspaper. Whilst walking around, John was approached by a woman who asked if he was a reporter. Confirming that he was, she asked if he would be interested in writing about her and the work that she does with orphaned children. As a result of being in the right place at the right time, John's now interested a couple of editor's in articles about this woman.

One of my other students, Ros, recently discovered that lady luck works in mysterious ways. Traveling by train, she'd been subject to the usual delays that occur when errant lorry drivers decide to drive into bridge supports! Sitting around the table, she soon began chatting to the other passengers, when the topic of conversation moved to what line of work everybody was in. Ros said she was a writer undertaking a correspondence course, and the gentleman sitting next to her asked her what she was writing. Now Ros has a big biographical project that she's working on, and she told her fellow listeners the brief details behind it. Well, would you believe it, but the bloke sitting next to her gave her his card and has asked to see the first three chapters and a synopsis. Yes! Ros was only sitting next to a publisher! All I can say is that that must have been the only train on the entire British train network with a destination of cloud 9, because that's certainly where Ros got off! She's busy working, honing her first 3 chapters, in preparation for submission.

Now many readers will see both of these situations as lady luck just breezing in and changing people's lives. I disagree. It's not luck that made John sit down and chat to the woman and then formulate 2 ideas to approach editors with. It's not luck that is making Ros sit down and hone her chapters. Yes, both students have identified the opportunities, BUT both students are also working hard to maximise those opportunities. 

So next time an opportunity presents itself at your feet, rejoice that lady luck has worked with you in this way. Then sit down, and start working hard with what she's given you. That's the only way to benefit from the opportunity. 

Good luck.

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